Tips to Make Your Blog Show Up in Google

To create a blog can appear in search engines, what else posted on the appearance front and the top, is a desire almost all blogger. But that is not easy to create a blog in top rank in search engine result. There are many ways to do things that are realized, starting from the brain especial script and Meta tags to pay for services SEO Service. Ok, following I will give a few tips or things that affect how our blog can located in the order of search results on search engines, or at least enter in the search results however our blog row are bulging arrange

Here the Tips (for Google):
1. Try typing the URL address of your blog in Google search and then press Enter. If your blog is meant to appear in Google Index but still be less competitive with the other. And if your blog does not mean not indexed appear in Google. Try to list the blog on The results do not indexed directly, so it need for a long time.

2. "Blog Title", if create a blog of course we are to make the blog title. Title of this blog is very important and very influential on the search results on search engines, so-thing smart to choose the blog title. Make a blog title that describes the content of your blog. Do not be too long and not too short.

3. "Post Title". This post title is also almost the same importance with the blog title. Create a post in the title or post title should be right, title kira2 imagine what the most suitable for your post. Also imagine your topic about your posting, and what keyword that you will type in the search engine. Think like that.

4. "Blog Update", frequently update the blog in at least once a week is going twice. That happens because the blog is already long I do not update, and when I update again, and again my blog can enter in the top rank in search engine result.

5. "Promote blogging, blogging to promote a lot of web / blog, forum, free situs campaign, etc. Because the more link blogging spread the more often the spider search engine to blogging.

6. That’s all

NB: attention to these tips on blogging does not guarantee directly picked up in search engine results, because the actual method of search that is just to know that the owner of search engine itself. But at least by following the tips above web / blogging can enter into the search results search engine how ever may be in last position.

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