Create Web Applications with Desktop Extjs & PHP quickly

What is Ext-PHP?

Ext-PHP is a framework intended to build a web-desktop application and it is very easy to use library with Extjs as user-interface and PHP as the back-end server programming. Ext-php adapting is the concept of MVC (model view controller) in the core application. So you are expected to understand the concept, but do not worry there will be tutorials for the manufacture of modules at this website

What is Ext-PHP suitable for projects that will I make?

If you want to build a web application that have the appropriate UI and the ability of desktop applications that can interact optimally with the user the answer is yes. Suppose you make the Library Online, Online Academic Systems Ext-PHP is suitable for your project that will create

What are the features already included in the Ext-PHP?
  • Support for multiple databases because it uses a PHP-ADODB
  • Applications are ready-made layout just makes menus and modules you need
  • Multi User Login
  • User Manager to set the Group and Users with different access levels on the menu
  • Menu Manager to set the menu and your modules
  • Modle report as a pdf and Excel which can be set manager menu
  • and much more

What is Ext-PHP for free?

Ext-PHP is one hundred percent free. But you must remember that the Extjs library is a GPLv3 license for open source projects. Please visit the website for further explanations of the licenses.

Login Application

Menu Manager

Home page

Example Grid

Download and Demo please visit here
Thanks in advance. I will continue to update for the manufacture of its modules

How to Secure paypal and Ebay Account from naughty Hackers!

It's important for us PayPal owners or Ebay to provide security for our account PayPal or Ebay. Because, as we all know hackers getting smarter to look for ways to break our PayPal. So many sellers and Account Balance PayPal ILLEGAL Ebay Results Gallery.

Before giving directions that may be less attractive, I want to give my opinion about what is being done by hackers in the break PayPal.

  • When you open an infected attachment in an email from a friend or stranger, Key logger software gets installed on your PC that tries to capture every keystroke of your keyboard, and then sends the data to a remote Internet location, in which hackers can extract your password.
  • If they get your account password PayPal from key logger, then that's their job. However, if they can only get your email password, they can go to the site PayPal, ask for password reset, and then access the e-mail to retrieve your new password to the account PayPal.
  • Another tactic is more common is to send thousands of "phishing" email, disguised to look like an official email PayPal. You click a link to a fake PayPal website; enter your email and password, and the game ended.

Give a Strong Password

First, registered in the past to a free email account and use email to your PayPal profile, but do not use it for other purposes. Most hackers explore possibilities for social networking sites, like eBay, for email addresses that may also be used in PayPal account, and then target them with an email address phishing or virus email campaign. Also, always change the password and password PayPal your email account regularly, create a password that is difficult to guess and a combination of letters or numbers, including upper and lower case letters, numbers, and at least one or two special characters like an exclamation mark or pound sign (#).

Even more powerful for PayPal security, taking into account the security key. Once you are logged into the account PayPal, click "Security Center" at the top, "Security Tools" on the left menu bar, and then "PayPal Security Overview."

When you click "Get Yours Now," you can choose between a hardware button, or the phone keys. The main hardware costs $ 5 for shipping & handling, but digital feature code will be changed every thirty seconds. You cannot log into the account PayPal without it, and it can hardly be in the hack. Mobile lock method available for free. Once you activate your account for it, you can only text PayPal to code it, and a text message back to your key security.

Portable Applications for private data

Another method that can be used to protect your PayPal account to always use a portable thumb drive with a web browser that is directly mounted on the thumb drive. By using this approach, all the log files and history stored in the thumb drive, and not on the PC itself. This not only protects you from a script that searches the typical location of the log PC to the Internet, but also provide the next security of the person using the computer by accident.

Use Anti-Key logger Software for Security

Finally, to protect yourself from keyboard logging software that may have infected your computer without your knowledge, then to play it safe and install applications such as Snoop Free privacy shield, which prevents key logger from accessing the I / O data from your keyboard. Another approach to circumvent the keyboard entirely is to use a portable keyboard on-screen keyboard to log into your account PayPal.

If you believe that your computer is completely clean from any Trojan or key logger, simply avoid phishing paypai using email and password with the security key PayPal will provide more than enough protection to keep your account for safe our PayPal.

However, if you do not know exactly how to clean your computer, or you want public access PayPal from a PC, it is always to play safe you should also use a portable browser, privacy shield, and also on-screen keyboard.

Please try to make PayPal owners who may have or have not hacked by the hackers who are not responsible.

How to Embed Flash Files Into Website

  1. Create an html gather in a line aid notepad curriculum or way with the first name pointer.Html (distinguished with an pointer gather in a line on the website who be inflicted with agan agan, modif tsb pointer gather in a line into a further first name eg. Index1.Html).
  2. Copy the code not more than into a gather in a line pointer agan (edit comeback agan necessary). Replace the line with a sparkle intro_agan agan. Ane accidentally deposit the html link to skip to the index1.Html agan (or up to namax from agan).
  3. Replace the line foto_agan to link a sparkle intro photo agan. (The foremost line is on the leaf body.


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