Easy Steps to Make a Blog

There may be between you who do not know about blogs and wondering about the blog, and then I'll review a bit about the blog version of my own.

1. What is a Blog?

Blog (short for Web log) is a site that is more personal, the more weight to the depiction of the creator of the blog itself.

Blog is created by the designers so that the blog works automatically and is easy to operate, so for us-we who are still confused with the programming language to create a website it does not matter. If you can make an email account on the internet, then in making sure you can have a blog too.

2. How to create a blog

Like e-mail, create a blog we must also have an account first, so please register your self in the first free blog provider (hosting provider / domain free blog). Free blog provider is very much on the internet and there are several popular at this time is http://www.blogger.com , and http://www.wordpress.com, http://blogsome.com.

In the opportunity this time I will review the blog about the making of the http://www.blogger.com, Please click the picture below to register.

Once you are on the blogger.com site, you will see images such as picture above. Please do the following steps:

  • Click the arrow labeled "Create YOUR BLOG"
  • Fill in the Email Address, your email address (certainly valid)
  • Fill in your return email address on the form before Retype email address
  • Enter the password that you want in the form Enter a password
  • Fill in your password again just now in the form retype reset the password (password)
  • Content Display Name with the name you want to show
  • Write the text contained in the Word Verification form. Marked TIK / check the box on any posts on the edge and I accept the Terms of Service.
  • Click image arrow labeled "CONTINUE"

3. Content (Content) blog:

For the beginners, they usually upset after making a list of what blogs have to fill in the (post) in a blog. Content (content) from a blog, of course, it's up to the owner of blog itself, like whether the contents of poetry, adventure of life, engineering, or whatever. Well here I recommend that, fill your blog with interest and expertise hobby or your own, because, of course, outside there are so many people that would equal his hobby and interests with you, so that they will be interested to read your writings.

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