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Shared hosting 
Shared Hosting is a hosting service that is used by some other user and the hosting is used by a variety of different domain names. (Usually used by personal blog)
Dedicated server 
Dedicated Server is a server that is used to run applications with high loads and cannot be operated in a shared hosting or VPS. Dedicated Server can be provided by the tenant or borrowed from the owner to the tenant data center locations.

VPS is a Virtual Private Server or virtual server. The server is made with operating system virtualization process used. Therefore it is in the VPS are running multiple operating systems simultaneously with their respective functions.
Collocation is a place that used to put together the same server at a building or room (data center). Collocation Server is used for a variety of needs such as hosting, data storage a company, vpn server and various other corporate IT needs.

Server Collocation 
Collocation Server is the server on which is deposited a place where tenants require security, the stability of the electric current, as well as the stability of the Internet access. The server can be used for just about anything according to the needs of the tenants.

DNS (Domain Name System, Indonesian: Domain Naming System) is a system that stores information about host names and domain names in the form of databases scattered (distributed database) on a computer network, such as the Internet. Provides an IP address for each host name and log every mail transmission server (mail exchange server) receiving electronic mail (email) for each domain.
FTP (short for File Transfer Protocol) is an Internet protocol that runs on the application layer which is the standard for transferring files (files) between the computer machines in an internetwork.

Disk Space 
Disk space is the storage space where you can put all the files.

Bandwidth in hosting can be called a data transfer. This means that the data is current tally of hosting you and up to the client. Unit bandwidth calculations are usually based on Kilobytes.
Park Domain 
Park domain is a domain which features to put in have. During this in a parked domain, the domain cannot be used to make a website, create email aliasing, and so forth. So basically, the domain is just occupying the home.

Add On Domains 
This feature allows us to add multiple domains within one hosting.

Offshore Hosting 
Hosting that may put the files that are unlawful, such as wares, porn, etc..


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