What is Domain?

Domain is given a unique name to identify the name of the server computer as a web server or email server on the internet. Domain make user can access the server easier than they have to remember the row number or a known IP.

What's the Difference Domains and Hosting

Hosting is space in the server computer that is used as the placement of existing data and files. Domain is the address used for data placement and to place the file.
In a simple analogy:
Domain = your provider card Number (081xxxxxxxx)
Hosting = device your mobile phone (nokia9500, motorola vrazer etc.)

Level Domain
Top Level Domain is a row behind the word domain names like

1. . Com (dotcommercial)
2. . Net (dotnetwork)
3. . Org (dotorganization)
4. . Edu (doteducation)
5. . Gov (dotgoverment)
6. . Miles (dotmilitary)
7. . Info (dotinfo)
8. etc.

There are two types of Top Level Domains, namely the Global Top Level Domain (gTLD) and Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). gTLD is like that on the list above and the ccTLD is designated TLD for each country, like Indonesia with the ID code (co.id, net.id, or.id) or Singapore with code SG (com.sg, net. sg, etc).

Second Level Domain (SLD) is the domain name you register. For example the domain name you register is domainku.com, then the SLD and domainku. dan .com is the TLD.

Third Level Domain is the name after the Second Level Domain. For example the domain name you have is domainku.com, then you can add another name before domainku, namely mail.domainku.com or estrex.domainku.com. Other services that sell third-level domains one of which is eNom to:. us.com,. br.com,. cn.com, etc..

There are manu free domain that can you access like co.cc , .tk etc

Panada Framework

About Panada

Panada is a simple framework for the creation of websites based on PHP 5. Panada developed with the aim to help the website developers to work faster, easier and more natural in the writing of code. The official site and download the file.

Each component is designed to be mutually utilizing the resources from the other components automatically. This allows developers to resources quickly and efficiently.

To get the latest updates, follow twitter Panada i@panadaframework.

* Simple
The main system (core system) Panada only consists of a file, which is located in the directory gear.php Panada. It aims to facilitate users in understanding the workflow Panada.

* Easy
With just a little fill in some parameters in the file apps / config.php Panada can be directly used.

* Single Load
Simply once shooting a component (component load) and the resource can be directly used in all other components. Retrieval can be done on the autoloader, inside the controller, in the model or in the library.

* Natural
In making a good component of the model or library, you just simply make once declaration as generally in declaring a class. For example:

$this->nama_instance = new library_nama();


$this->nama_instance = new model_nama();

Both in the library collection or step model are the same. The difference only lies in the prefix ('library_' or 'model_'), class name that indicates the task and folder location.

* Multisite
Some websites can be created using the same one main system, be it with the main domain of the same or different.

Panada license is to use the BSD-License (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php). With this license means that anyone can freely use this application either for commercial or non-commercial use.
Panada made by Indonesia people namely Iskandar Soesman

Here is the spec computer used to benchmark:

* Operating System: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx
* Web Server: Apache httpd 2.2.14
* PHP: 5.3.2
* CPU: AMD Turion (tm) 64 Mobile Technology MK-38
* Main Memory: 1.2 GB
* Hard Drive: 80 GB SATA

Use of the Controller and Model
Creating a Controller

To create a controller to add a new file in the folder apps / controller / and name in accordance with the desired, for example home.php. Create a new class in this file where the class is a subclass inherits from the Panada class, here is an example:

class Controller_home extends Panada {

public function


public function

'Hello world!';
That must be considered is the prefix name class. Where this prefix indicates the location of the class folder. For the controller, its prefix is "Controller_". The same is true of the class for the library, with the prefix "Library_" and the class for models with the prefix "Model_"

Make a Model

The model is a class whose job directly related to the handling of data, either from the database, or other storage systems.

To create a class model, add a new file and put it in the folder apps / model /, for example users.php.

Create a class users in this file by starting prefix "Model_", for example:

class Model_users {

public function

$this->db = new library_db();

public function

$result = $this->db->results("SELECT * FROM table_name ORDER BY id LIMIT 5");

Yotomo is a location-based service utilizing existing platforms such as Foursquare. We add more value to the check-in activities. As an end user you can get special offers from the nearest merchant check-in locations. We also see ourselves as a local real location-based service. With Yotomo you can get local badges from your country, community badge suggested by you our users, and local brands.

For business owners, Yotomo is a marketing tool to target your potential customers. Using Yotomo You can reach your potential customers.

Why Yotomo

Because we are local. We support local businesses, local communities and local events from the beginning. Our end users also will benefit from the local character, Yotomo.

Yotomo provides a platform and tools for business owners to provide promotions and special offers to potential customers nearby. For end users, Yotomo will provide more benefits from local businesses in the special offers and promotions. We look at our platform as a local platform, where users are located. You will find more interesting local touches like a badge of Yotomo local, local brands and events.

Yotomo established based on the fact that the location-based services must have a strong local gift not only digitaly, but also in the real world. We also believe that the community and local culture should play a major role on the type of platform.
Where are we?

Our headquarter is Yotomo PTE LTD in Singapore, while applications and websites Yotomo baked in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Our office in Jakarta is located in the beautiful area of South Jakarta.


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