Create Web Applications with Desktop Extjs & PHP quickly

What is Ext-PHP?

Ext-PHP is a framework intended to build a web-desktop application and it is very easy to use library with Extjs as user-interface and PHP as the back-end server programming. Ext-php adapting is the concept of MVC (model view controller) in the core application. So you are expected to understand the concept, but do not worry there will be tutorials for the manufacture of modules at this website

What is Ext-PHP suitable for projects that will I make?

If you want to build a web application that have the appropriate UI and the ability of desktop applications that can interact optimally with the user the answer is yes. Suppose you make the Library Online, Online Academic Systems Ext-PHP is suitable for your project that will create

What are the features already included in the Ext-PHP?
  • Support for multiple databases because it uses a PHP-ADODB
  • Applications are ready-made layout just makes menus and modules you need
  • Multi User Login
  • User Manager to set the Group and Users with different access levels on the menu
  • Menu Manager to set the menu and your modules
  • Modle report as a pdf and Excel which can be set manager menu
  • and much more

What is Ext-PHP for free?

Ext-PHP is one hundred percent free. But you must remember that the Extjs library is a GPLv3 license for open source projects. Please visit the website for further explanations of the licenses.

Login Application

Menu Manager

Home page

Example Grid

Download and Demo please visit here
Thanks in advance. I will continue to update for the manufacture of its modules

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Muhammad Usama Masood mengatakan... on 

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Macrosoft mengatakan... on 

Php is best for web applications.

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aantu mengatakan... on 

download link is not working. plz check it.
if possible please send the working code at

thank you very much.

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