Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many blog service providers on the internet, but every blog platform has advantages and disadvantages. Every person shall have the purpose of blogging itself. So, if you are a blogger, you must choose a blog platform is best for you. For the first time like blogging, confusion may want to create a blog where. Because of many options are offered. Start from the outside blogs like Blogger, WordPress, Multiply, Blogdrive, until the local as BlogGaul, BlogBoleh, detik, and Dagdigdug.

In this post, I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger, so you can use it to compare with other blog platforms that I have already mentioned.

Advantages of Using Blogger:

  1. Free for ever, and the blogger may run strong in the OS. Any time you can be connected to the blogger. You can also check the status through Blogger
  2. Easy to listed on search engines
  3. There are many tools that are ready for use in building your blog.
  4. Blogger supports many languages.
  5. Very easy to change the blog template according to taste.
  6. There is no bandwidth limit, the number of blogs, and comments.
  7. There is no limit on the number of people who can use the same account.
  8. Easy to implement JavaScript into the template.
  9. You can use your own domain on your blog.

Disadvantages of Blogger:

  1. Limitation 1 MB to 1 page.
  2. You only have 300 MB to store images.
  3. Blog description must be under 500 words.
  4. Profile Interests and Favorites: Must be less than 2000 words for each box.
  5. Blogger does not have a tool that can connect the same network as such as Yahoo 360 °.
  6. Number of templates is not too much like WordPress.

If you do not have the time and money to build a blog with a professional, I recommend using Blogger as your blog platform first

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