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Array Randomize (PHP Tutorial)

An array is a set of variables that have the same name but distinguished by the index.

Useful for example in an array of programming that requires a few variables that will hold the data with the same data type and will receive similar treatment. Now, rather than worry about the variable names are different, it is better to use a variable name but each is distinguished by the index.

Index can be either numbers or strings. If the index-shaped array of numbers, then the array will be called indexed arrays (vector), whereas if the index of a string, then the array will be called associative arrays.

[Array Randomizing]

"12","d" => "22","b" => "34","c" => "67");

print "Data before randomizing =
foreach ($angka as $tampil => $tampil1)
print "$tampil : $tampil1

print "Data after randomizing =
foreach ($angka as $tampil => $tampil1)
print "$tampil : $tampil1

PHP XMLMaker v1.0

PHP XMLMaker is an easy-to-use code generator for creating PHP 5 scripts that output XML from a MySQL database. You can instantly serves dynamic XML for Ajax, RSS, Flash or any other applications that consumes XML. PHP XMLMaker is designed for high flexibility, many options enable you to generate the XML in a format that best suits the client applications. The generated codes are clean and easy-to-customize. PHP XMLMaker is an indispensable tool for modern Web development and is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers alike.

  • Field as Element/Attribute
  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Master/Detail Data
  • Field Value Formatting
  • Null Value Handling
  • Custom View
  • Customizable Template
  • Template Extensions
  • Database Synchronization
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Tips & Tricks to Make Money Through Internet

World of the Internet not only offer information and news, but also offers financial benefits for those who know how to use this medium to make money. How and how much profit can be achieved through this medium? Find out more...

When it comes to making money on the internet, anyone can do and really depends how serious people who want to earn money and also the amount that will be generated. The Internet itself is a medium that can be quite easy to make money for those who understand because a lot of opportunities for it and will be growing from day to day. Sites devoted to commercial or make money itself is also very much on the internet today and there are even sites that are designed specifically for it.

Here we present some ways that is usually done by netter to earn money on the internet:

1. Click on Ads on the Internet (Pay to Click / PTC)

This way is the easiest way to earn money on the internet; do not need a lot of thinkers and hard work. Just click on the ads there. Do not be surprised with just how this potential monthly income you can reach millions of dollars, because so many have proven to reach that number. To see a list of PTC, can be seen HERE.

Pros: very easy to do and almost no risk
Disadvantages: some sites require netter to follow the procedures of each PTC is sometimes a bit tricky to obtain payment
Earnings: PTC porgram is more than you are taking, the greater you’re earning potential as well. Upgrade to premium and buy referrals can increase the amount of your income.
Example sites: NeoBux - IsabelMarco - Clixsense - Klikrupiah - Adverbux - PPClix - IndoPTC - Klikajadeh - ngeBux

2. Creating a website for advertising, affiliate and online promotion and marketing

This method is arguably the most effective in making money on the internet and the risk-free because of netter just need a good site for free or a pay-as free 24-hour media to show ads like Google Adsense or make its website as an affiliate for the sales promotion of goods from other sites as an affiliate by Amazon (book sales site) where you can get a commission from every book purchased by another netter who entered through a link from the site.

Pros: risk-free and easy to do
Disadvantages: netter takes time to create a site and need the knowledge for it and have to frequently update the site so frequently visited by other netters
Income: depending on the number of "hits" (Netter visiting the site) per day
Example sites: - kliksaya - KumpulBlogger -

3. Being internet trader

This method is also quite effective for the diligent and the hobby to learn currency trading (FOREX) because if netter to become an expert in trading, earnings in the can also be very high and can get hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars per week or per month. In addition to this free media, many media that provide free trading for learning as well and can even get free money for trading in Marketiva really like.

Pros: promises huge financial advantage and for beginners do not need initial capital
Disadvantages: takes time to learn and experience to become skilled trades
Income: depending on how diligent you are learning and your cleverness in the air-trading. An expert on the average trading profit could get thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per week
Example sites:

4. Being a domain parking (a parking domains)

If a domain parking, netter should be out of capital to buy the domain (. Com /. Net /. Org), instead of searching for the free domain as it will only waste times. To buy a domain, ones can at CantikSehatShop - Netter enough hosting space with only minimal (1MB up to 10MB). After getting the domain registered, the netter should update its website in advance, fill with interesting content and adjust the topic of the site, to be included in Google & Yahoo search category.

After about 1-2 months or more, the new netters ‘park' the domain on one site like Sedo or NameDrive parking. This site is going to pay us in dollars; because we parked domains will be used by their ad campaign. In addition we can sell our site parking to the bidder (bidders), the largest.

Pros: can make money is a not limited or large quantity
Disadvantages: takes time to promote the site and it took a hefty fee at the beginning

5. To invest online

In this way the risk (could lose) and the initial capital needed to get profit. For online investing itself also takes time to learn, experience, and must follow the provisions of the new investment could enjoy profits in the end. Many overseas netters in the life of this online investment and usually those who have long engaged or experienced in this field.

Pros: easy way to get the advantage of not requiring any skill from any capital
Disadvantages: potential loss (capital loss) if you are not careful in investing as much investment to deceive or fail to pay even goes bankrupt because of mismanagement or mismanagement
Income: varied depending on the value of investment capital and profits promised
Example sites: / info -

6. Paid to activities on the internet

This method can also be said to be very easy but it can spend very much while the profit earned is usually small and still be paid after reaching a certain amount which can be obtained usually only after many months. This method is usually done by a netter by registering themselves to participate in the program to read e-mail advertising, click ads, surf the Internet, posting news or blogs, using search engines all of which are usually offered free of charge

Pros: including also an easy way to earn money and do not require initial capital in money
Disadvantages: this method requires considerable time and generally wasted enough time, not to mention if there are programs that do not pay
Income: not effective and the amount of money generated is usually very small
Example sites:

7. Selling products, goods and services via the Internet (e-commerce)

This method is usually carried out by the netters who have products, goods and services whose value could sell and make money. They usually make a site that can support and provide information about what's going to sell them.

Pros: including effective ways to make money through online sales and promotion of products at once
Disadvantages: need of products, goods and services and capital, knowledge management sites and also security for the site
Income: varied depending on the value of products, goods and services as well as power and the number of buyers from site visitors
Example sites: -

If a netter can use 3 of 5 of the above effectively, I'm sure he'll be able to obtain adequate financial amount and the amount will be growing from day to day. There are still several ways you can do one or netter to get the money and the fifth of the above represents only way that is generally performed by a person or netter to earn money on the internet.

Major capital you actually just need a computer that is connected to the internet to make money even though some of the above also require that the initial capital to get started. Connection speeds may also be highly influential in some ways to facilitate your efforts to earn money on the internet.


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