How To Increase Alexa Page Rank

The alexa pagerank is calculated from data collected from surfers that have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Basically it is a measure of your popularity relative to the other sites. You can drop in the rankings and still get the same amount of traffic that you always did. The alexa pagerank of your website is affected by the traffic that visits your website and the traffic that all of the other websites receive. So you can have your page rank go up or down even if you get exactly the same amount of traffic everyday. The change in your page rank would then be caused by the traffic the other sites on the internet get. Feel free to check the alexa pagerank of as many webpages as you wish with our online free alexa pagerank checker.

How to increase alexa paga rank?

  1. Install alexa toolbar in your website if you use IE and alexa search status add-on for Fire fox.
  2. Create a blog/website to be the default home page on the browser, so that when the browser first opened, your blog will show automatically.
  3. Recommendations your blog to your friends and relatives to use the alexa toolbar. Create a review on alexa, at least, get a visitor to use the blog in alexa’ browser toolbar and why so important to use.
  4. Submit to blog sites as a means Social Bookmark Ping.
  5. Write content that is good, so many that come and willing to wait the next meal.
  6. Place the alexa widget, and do not be ashamed even though its traffic rank is still millions. For example I, alexa traffic rank am still I 21.309.160. According to some information, if only blog visitors to click the “alexa traffic rank” are considered the same as 1 visitor.
  7. Leaved impression your blog URL in every comment or blog you visit.
  8. Take advantage of the service alexa auto surf. What is alexa auto surf, please read the information here.

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