Fivefilters Full Text Rss Feed Versi 2.7

This is a liberated software project to help make somewhere your home extract content from labyrinth pages. It can extract content from a standard HTML piece of paper and return a 1-item feed or it can transform an existing feed into a full-text feed. It is being urban as part of the Five Filters project to promote self-sufficient, non-corporate media.

System Requirements

PHP 5.2 or higher than is compulsory. A unfussy shared labyrinth hosting version will operate fine. The code has been tested on Windows and Linux using the Apache labyrinth member of staff serving at table. If you're a Windows user, you can try it on your own machinery using WampServer. It has additionally been reported as working under IIS, but we hold not tested this ourselves.

Change Log :

2.7 (2011-03-21)
  • Site patterns instead of better control above extraction (see site_config/README.Txt)
  • hNews support (improves content extraction instead of sites using hNews microformatting)
  • Cookie Jar right away used to save and sends cookies as following HTTP redirects
  • Better managing of individual hand baggage someplace HTML Tidy fails to clean up by the book
  • Bug deceive: Curl_multi_select() timing unfashionable in individual environments (fixed in HumbleHttpAgent.Php)
  • Bug deceive: Out of order HTTP title parsing in more or less environments (fixed in SimplePie_HumbleHttpAgent.Php)
  • Bug deceive: Unacceptable API URL exposed (fixed in symbol.Php)
  • Plus other minor fixes...

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