How To Register Your Site To Over 40 Search Engines

Following the usual way I use to register the site / url to more than 40 search engine:

  • The next step, enter your email and select the option you're interested in and enter a combination of numbers & alphabet and then click "Submit"
  • Go to your email mailbox, there is some confirmation that should be in a click.
  • Done.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many blog service providers on the internet, but every blog platform has advantages and disadvantages. Every person shall have the purpose of blogging itself. So, if you are a blogger, you must choose a blog platform is best for you. For the first time like blogging, confusion may want to create a blog where. Because of many options are offered. Start from the outside blogs like Blogger, WordPress, Multiply, Blogdrive, until the local as BlogGaul, BlogBoleh, detik, and Dagdigdug.

In this post, I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger, so you can use it to compare with other blog platforms that I have already mentioned.

Advantages of Using Blogger:

  1. Free for ever, and the blogger may run strong in the OS. Any time you can be connected to the blogger. You can also check the status through Blogger
  2. Easy to listed on search engines
  3. There are many tools that are ready for use in building your blog.
  4. Blogger supports many languages.
  5. Very easy to change the blog template according to taste.
  6. There is no bandwidth limit, the number of blogs, and comments.
  7. There is no limit on the number of people who can use the same account.
  8. Easy to implement JavaScript into the template.
  9. You can use your own domain on your blog.

Disadvantages of Blogger:

  1. Limitation 1 MB to 1 page.
  2. You only have 300 MB to store images.
  3. Blog description must be under 500 words.
  4. Profile Interests and Favorites: Must be less than 2000 words for each box.
  5. Blogger does not have a tool that can connect the same network as such as Yahoo 360 °.
  6. Number of templates is not too much like WordPress.

If you do not have the time and money to build a blog with a professional, I recommend using Blogger as your blog platform first


After reading on a site on the internet, I see there is an article that explains that the site has been hacked by a blog Hakcer. The Owner will get Spam Post / false posting that contains links to download virus and all the data sites, and some site owners also told that they found strange his template code. On this article, I will share with you some tips I've learned about the security and protection in Internet world. This includes actions that we can do to prevent or minimize the possibility of having a blog that have any virus or hackers in the Sites. Ok, I will also discuss a bit about the blog that use as blogspot domain, whether successful hacked / also spread the virus.

Is safe?

Article on BBC reporting that the latest paper is a group of hackers who have been attacked since back in January. They use spam message posted on the site or sent through a false email to trick users and download the malicious program / damage. Link can sometimes be a false link called You tube link or digital greeting card link. In addition, the email containing the internet where informal learning is the recipient of a letter that came from their friends. In an official response, Eric from the Blogger team has confirmed that Blogger does not fell ill. However, the bloggers who blog posts are from a machine that is controlled by a Trojan horse. In short, the Blogger platform that is safe and if there is, the blog owner must ensure that their own computers have been checked and are protected against malware.

How can bloggers Virus attack?

Before we face this virus, we must be ready to take preventive action; I might want to know how to send their post-post it to false in the Blog.

When you log in to, you can see in the Settings -> Features Email "Mail-to-Blogger Address". This allows you to be able to know what the content is created by the perpetrators to your blog, because when you activate this feature so that every post you make will be sent to you by email.
user.xxxxxx @

If you have to check the "Publish", any messages sent to this address will automatically be published in the Blog. If the "Publish" box is checked, then the message will be saved and you need to log in to your Blogger account to publish it. Email subject titles will appear as Title of Blog Post. Although this is a useful feature for people on the go, this is also one that can be exploited. All that is required for each person to send email to this address and what is in the email will appear on your blog. It is therefore important that this address will remain confidential and anyone who does not have the authority should not be able to post on your Blog.

Root when you take a virus on your computer, it can be dangerous to send the post to the email address that stored in your system. If the email address above is one of them, you'll see the post in your blog. Since your blog is valid millimeter you, your friends and readers can read the post and click the link thinking that some of you will not put hazardous materials in the your Blog. Once they do that, they will be infected with computer virus because they inadvertently with malware, and they in turn have the link to appear on the hazardous own blog, and the cycle continues to run.

Step by step virus prevention you need to ensure security Blog:

If you see a post you need to be sent to your blog via email, or other person know that your mail to blogger address, go back to Settings -> Email and select / change the address to be something that can not easily guess. Because the purpose of this function is to have published a post without having to login to Blogger, ticking the "Publish" option that is reasonable. After saving the settings to, return to your email by software Outlook Express, Eudora. To delete a letter-to-blogger address from the address book. And if the perpetrator tries to damage by sending your blog post / article that contains a virus, then automatically post will not be sent to your blog.

Make a different email address and your login

For convenience, many people stick to one name for all of their logins, and email signature. For example, they create the same email and login:

blog name:
login name:
email address given to the readers:
user: Gawat

If people stop by hacking in your Blog, it will be very easy for them to know what your login name by using the program to crack passwords. When you create your next blog, considering its name, a name that is different or does not use the actual name:

blog name:
login name:
email address given to the readers:
user: justice

This way a hacker can break through the difficulties in your blog.

Manage browser security

In Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options, set the security level for the Internet zone to Medium or high-level. In addition, in a newer version, you can enable Automatic Website Checking feature in the Phishing Filter.

If you use Firefox, go to Tools -> Add-ons and click on "Get Extensions" link. Find a word which is called the "noscript". Do this to block JavaScripts and executable files and only allows those who believe you can see it. This makes your network secure from the hands unprincipled hackers, and can reduce the harmful scripts run inadvertence.

Well this might be just that I can inform, to know what you do if your blog is exposed to the virus, then you must to continue to read more.

What should I do if my Blog Hacked?

Although all security and preventive measures, if that day will come when the content of your blog is missing, the first thing that must be done is to dismiss the computer from viruses and malware. Do not go to your email account or another may be opening the door for the virus. Once the system is completely clean and safe, you can login to your Dashboard and view settings. Records information that has changed. May also be that you can not login because the password has been changed, or that the Blog and Blog Posts will be deleted. Write to the Blogger Support Team using another email account. Provide details as much as possible and to give time to investigate the cause. Google server will Assisting data, it should be possible for them to return the Blog on the evidence of your blog. When content can not be taken entirely, you may need to re-create the Blog. At the time such as this, you will realize the importance of keeping backups of the source code of the template and save a copy of the articles you write. Always create backup your blog special if occur a case that you do not want to make all data and content of the blog is missing, you can create a new blog with the exact same content with the old.

The importance of a vehicle to grow our business

Are you a concerned with and want to have a different impression? Of course there are some things you need to make a note in your activities. are vehicles you use? if you always use a car, choose a car that can give a different impression on yourself, feel luxurious or the impression that you always follow the development of the car at this time. Especially if you are a businessman who often meet many people.

If your impression of luxury and the latest model, you can use the chevrolet camaro. To become the first person to use the car, you will be admired, and of course you will be a guide in selecting the latest car. opportunities you can make as your business.

If you often go through the rural roads with different road conditions with the roads in urban areas, the choice for the Hummer is very appropriate. with the crowing and ready to take you where it. by using the car of this type , every eye will see your strength.

For those of you who want to own a car that has a beauty and beauty, you may be able to choose type of Infiniti. This type of car is very comfortable and of course make akan feel pampered. Before you buy the car of course you must know about the type of car you are looking for, you can read about honda clarity review. so choose wisely in the car that match the criteria you.

Choose a Good Email Marketing

Many companies use email marketing to communicate with existing customers. They use it for purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. Lately there are many email marketting company that offer their service. One of them is iContact. iContact is an easy to use email marketing, surveying, autoresponder, and blogging tool that allows small businesses, non-profits, and associations to easily communicate online with their customers, prospects, and members.

iContact is the best option out there for anyone who wants to send out email newsletters. They have great inbox deliverability, an extremely easy to use interface, great prices that start at $9.95 per month, lots of templates, and also include surveying, autoresponder, and blogging capability from the same application at no additional charge. They take care of managing bounces and unsubscribes for you. They also take care of making sure your message gets to the inbox of your recipients through their ISP relations, feedback loops, and whitelist status. If you are currently running into deliverability issues with your existing newsletter sending method, iContact will be very helpful and ensure inbox delivery of your messages. 15 day free trial of iContact is available here.

Promote Your Blog By Digg

Several days ago, some friends ask about how to digg and the campaign blog via digg. Now I will try to explain the appropriate knowledge about what is digg and how to use it.

Digg is a social Book marking sites that many people used to find and share knowledge about anything and from anywhere. Therefore almost the whole blog world to register on digg, which aims to promote or distribute content from blogs to be known by other users. Registered on digg with the same means to promote a blog that will eventually increase visitors to the blog itself.

To be able to campaign through the digg blog, please follow the steps below:

1. Make free registration here. And just follow all the instructions provided to complete.
2. If already registered then the next step is to submit all articles or post to digg. I like this.
3. Log in to the digg site.
4. Click Submit new, there is usually at the top right.
5. Enter the URL field with is full filled by post on the blog's address as it appears in the Internet browser, for example:
6. Click News Article, Video or Image in which it's more suitable. Then click Continue.
7. Wait until the process, we’re digging through your submission is complete.
8. The contents of the title of the article Title or post a URL submitted earlier.
9. In the Description field contents with the description or outline of what you want to post submitted.
10. Choose Thumbnails; please select the image you want to use.
11. Choose a Topic; please select the topic that matches the article or post that would submit.
12. Note the Preview is already in accordance with the desired result.
13. Are You Human? Write code shown beside.
14. If everything is correct it is Click Submit Story.
15. Next on, Submit a New Story - Are You Sure It's Not a Duplicate? Click Totally Original, I swear! On the bottom.
16. If all the steps correctly then you should see, Success! Your story has been submitted.

How easy and quick enough not...? Please submit all articles or post that has been and will be made later on so that more and more internet users know the existence of your blog. In addition, if you find this article useful please click on the Share / save button below and click Digg, Face book or other article that is spread wide and can be more useful to the other :) Thank-you already visited and try the campaign blog via digg .

Download Blog Tutorial.Pdf

Basic concept of blogs as online diary so phenomenal, blogs have changed how people think towards intelligent. Pour ideas through any posts to the concept of public viewing is a means of actualization, where someone can make one mutation away from becoming a gaptek that have the ability to think with the modern mold brilliant ideas and thoughts on a blog.

At the beginning of the concept of fact as online diary slowly abandoned the more, if I can analyze two goals in the world of blogs is the purpose of personal and business interests. Goal blog is a personal economic interest of non-blog where someone is able to give ideas, creativity and mind without receiving compensation. The main objectives are emphasized more in the sharing of knowledge, satisfaction, and popularity. While the blog with the goal of Business tended to the economic, where the blog used as a means of promotion, business development and cheap, and fast reach revenue.

See the two of interest over one of them is the purpose of your blog make, more step before you need to know to build a high quality blog not as easy as change a hand, regardless the purpose of your blog, here you would not want to have to have a strong foundation blog or just akan a goat congek see the success of other bloggers .. Believe this reality; the blog is not much different to the law of jungle.

When you start reading this article is focus itself-build blog with quality content, create articles as a foundation pillar your blog from now on, the article should make the mind pure fruit of your own. Stop! Spend time with your blog editing, it is better to spend your time writing articles and take quick steps to show up your blog, if necessary, download ebook secret successful campaign blog that I write before.

Please note Fundamental Blogger is just my personal ideas and you may be foreign words with this or have never even heard it at all. Blogger Fundamental is the term that emphasizes the material as the principal basis of the mind blogger build quality, and how you create balance between tactics and strategy blog to the front in the face of competition jungle blogger.


Tips to Make Your Blog Show Up in Google

To create a blog can appear in search engines, what else posted on the appearance front and the top, is a desire almost all blogger. But that is not easy to create a blog in top rank in search engine result. There are many ways to do things that are realized, starting from the brain especial script and Meta tags to pay for services SEO Service. Ok, following I will give a few tips or things that affect how our blog can located in the order of search results on search engines, or at least enter in the search results however our blog row are bulging arrange

Here the Tips (for Google):
1. Try typing the URL address of your blog in Google search and then press Enter. If your blog is meant to appear in Google Index but still be less competitive with the other. And if your blog does not mean not indexed appear in Google. Try to list the blog on The results do not indexed directly, so it need for a long time.

2. "Blog Title", if create a blog of course we are to make the blog title. Title of this blog is very important and very influential on the search results on search engines, so-thing smart to choose the blog title. Make a blog title that describes the content of your blog. Do not be too long and not too short.

3. "Post Title". This post title is also almost the same importance with the blog title. Create a post in the title or post title should be right, title kira2 imagine what the most suitable for your post. Also imagine your topic about your posting, and what keyword that you will type in the search engine. Think like that.

4. "Blog Update", frequently update the blog in at least once a week is going twice. That happens because the blog is already long I do not update, and when I update again, and again my blog can enter in the top rank in search engine result.

5. "Promote blogging, blogging to promote a lot of web / blog, forum, free situs campaign, etc. Because the more link blogging spread the more often the spider search engine to blogging.

6. That’s all

NB: attention to these tips on blogging does not guarantee directly picked up in search engine results, because the actual method of search that is just to know that the owner of search engine itself. But at least by following the tips above web / blogging can enter into the search results search engine how ever may be in last position.

How To Increase Alexa Page Rank

The alexa pagerank is calculated from data collected from surfers that have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Basically it is a measure of your popularity relative to the other sites. You can drop in the rankings and still get the same amount of traffic that you always did. The alexa pagerank of your website is affected by the traffic that visits your website and the traffic that all of the other websites receive. So you can have your page rank go up or down even if you get exactly the same amount of traffic everyday. The change in your page rank would then be caused by the traffic the other sites on the internet get. Feel free to check the alexa pagerank of as many webpages as you wish with our online free alexa pagerank checker.

How to increase alexa paga rank?

  1. Install alexa toolbar in your website if you use IE and alexa search status add-on for Fire fox.
  2. Create a blog/website to be the default home page on the browser, so that when the browser first opened, your blog will show automatically.
  3. Recommendations your blog to your friends and relatives to use the alexa toolbar. Create a review on alexa, at least, get a visitor to use the blog in alexa’ browser toolbar and why so important to use.
  4. Submit to blog sites as a means Social Bookmark Ping.
  5. Write content that is good, so many that come and willing to wait the next meal.
  6. Place the alexa widget, and do not be ashamed even though its traffic rank is still millions. For example I, alexa traffic rank am still I 21.309.160. According to some information, if only blog visitors to click the “alexa traffic rank” are considered the same as 1 visitor.
  7. Leaved impression your blog URL in every comment or blog you visit.
  8. Take advantage of the service alexa auto surf. What is alexa auto surf, please read the information here.

Easy Steps to Make a Blog

There may be between you who do not know about blogs and wondering about the blog, and then I'll review a bit about the blog version of my own.

1. What is a Blog?

Blog (short for Web log) is a site that is more personal, the more weight to the depiction of the creator of the blog itself.

Blog is created by the designers so that the blog works automatically and is easy to operate, so for us-we who are still confused with the programming language to create a website it does not matter. If you can make an email account on the internet, then in making sure you can have a blog too.

2. How to create a blog

Like e-mail, create a blog we must also have an account first, so please register your self in the first free blog provider (hosting provider / domain free blog). Free blog provider is very much on the internet and there are several popular at this time is , and,

In the opportunity this time I will review the blog about the making of the, Please click the picture below to register.

Once you are on the site, you will see images such as picture above. Please do the following steps:

  • Click the arrow labeled "Create YOUR BLOG"
  • Fill in the Email Address, your email address (certainly valid)
  • Fill in your return email address on the form before Retype email address
  • Enter the password that you want in the form Enter a password
  • Fill in your password again just now in the form retype reset the password (password)
  • Content Display Name with the name you want to show
  • Write the text contained in the Word Verification form. Marked TIK / check the box on any posts on the edge and I accept the Terms of Service.
  • Click image arrow labeled "CONTINUE"

3. Content (Content) blog:

For the beginners, they usually upset after making a list of what blogs have to fill in the (post) in a blog. Content (content) from a blog, of course, it's up to the owner of blog itself, like whether the contents of poetry, adventure of life, engineering, or whatever. Well here I recommend that, fill your blog with interest and expertise hobby or your own, because, of course, outside there are so many people that would equal his hobby and interests with you, so that they will be interested to read your writings.


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