WHMCS Security Patch (V4 - v5)

A security issue has been discovered that we consider to be of a high severity, and as a result we have decided there is a need to release an immediate patch for it.

Although not related to the new release, it is unfortunate timing so soon after the release, but we take security very seriously and so if an issue becomes apparent to us, we will always issue a patch immediately for it as our track record with patches in recent years demonstrates.

Applying the patch is very simple. It's just a single file to update. There are separate versions of the file for each release of WHMCS from V4.0 up to the very latest V5.0 release. The patch download consists of a single file which just needs to be unzipped, and then uploaded to the /includes/ folder replacing the existing file.

JavaScript & JQuery: The Missing Manual, PHP 5 Advanced

JavaScript & JQuery: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition

javascript & jQuery: The Missing Manual /by David Sawyer McFarland. javascript lets you supercharge your HTML with animation, interactivity, and visual effects—but many web designers find the language hard to learn. This jargon-free guide covers javascript basics and shows you how to save time and effort with the jQuery library of prewritten javascript code.
You’ll soon be building web pages that feel and act like desktop programs, without having to do much programming.
The important stuff you need to know:
Make your pages interactive. Create javascript events that react to visitor actions.
Use animations and effects. Build drop-down navigation menus, pop-ups, automated slideshows, and more.
Improve your user interface. Learn how the pros make websites fun and easy to use.
Collect data with web forms. Create easy-to-use forms that ensure more accurate visitor responses.
Add a dash of Ajax. Enable your web pages to communicate with a web server without a page reload.


PHP 5 Advanced, 2nd Edition

Sharpen your PHP skills with the fully revised and updated, PHP 5 Advanced for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickPro Guide! Filled with fourteen chapters of step-by-step content and written by best-selling author and PHP programmer, Larry Ullman, this guide teaches specific topics in direct, focused segments, shows how PHP is used in real-world applications, features popular and most-asked-about scripts, and details those technologies that will be more important in the future. You'll learn about object-oriented programming, PHP interactions with a server, XML, RSS, Networking with PHP, image and PDF generation, and more.


Megical Regtanguler

Array Randomize (PHP Tutorial)

An array is a set of variables that have the same name but distinguished by the index.

Useful for example in an array of programming that requires a few variables that will hold the data with the same data type and will receive similar treatment. Now, rather than worry about the variable names are different, it is better to use a variable name but each is distinguished by the index.

Index can be either numbers or strings. If the index-shaped array of numbers, then the array will be called indexed arrays (vector), whereas if the index of a string, then the array will be called associative arrays.

[Array Randomizing]

"12","d" => "22","b" => "34","c" => "67");

print "Data before randomizing =
foreach ($angka as $tampil => $tampil1)
print "$tampil : $tampil1

print "Data after randomizing =
foreach ($angka as $tampil => $tampil1)
print "$tampil : $tampil1

PHP XMLMaker v1.0

PHP XMLMaker is an easy-to-use code generator for creating PHP 5 scripts that output XML from a MySQL database. You can instantly serves dynamic XML for Ajax, RSS, Flash or any other applications that consumes XML. PHP XMLMaker is designed for high flexibility, many options enable you to generate the XML in a format that best suits the client applications. The generated codes are clean and easy-to-customize. PHP XMLMaker is an indispensable tool for modern Web development and is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers alike.

  • Field as Element/Attribute
  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Master/Detail Data
  • Field Value Formatting
  • Null Value Handling
  • Custom View
  • Customizable Template
  • Template Extensions
  • Database Synchronization
Link Download

EximiousSoft Logo Designer v2.58 Full Crack

Finally, after searching everywhere, I could get a Logo Designer v2.58 EximiousSoft include crack.

Logo Designer v2.58 EximiousSoft is one of the Logo Designer Software is fairly complete. Its use is easy and comprehensive features make this software to be my recommendation to create logos that I need to support the smooth running of my work.

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Tips & Tricks to Make Money Through Internet

World of the Internet not only offer information and news, but also offers financial benefits for those who know how to use this medium to make money. How and how much profit can be achieved through this medium? Find out more...

When it comes to making money on the internet, anyone can do and really depends how serious people who want to earn money and also the amount that will be generated. The Internet itself is a medium that can be quite easy to make money for those who understand because a lot of opportunities for it and will be growing from day to day. Sites devoted to commercial or make money itself is also very much on the internet today and there are even sites that are designed specifically for it.

Here we present some ways that is usually done by netter to earn money on the internet:

1. Click on Ads on the Internet (Pay to Click / PTC)

This way is the easiest way to earn money on the internet; do not need a lot of thinkers and hard work. Just click on the ads there. Do not be surprised with just how this potential monthly income you can reach millions of dollars, because so many have proven to reach that number. To see a list of PTC, can be seen HERE.

Pros: very easy to do and almost no risk
Disadvantages: some sites require netter to follow the procedures of each PTC is sometimes a bit tricky to obtain payment
Earnings: PTC porgram is more than you are taking, the greater you’re earning potential as well. Upgrade to premium and buy referrals can increase the amount of your income.
Example sites: NeoBux - IsabelMarco - Clixsense - Klikrupiah - Adverbux - PPClix - IndoPTC - Klikajadeh - ngeBux

2. Creating a website for advertising, affiliate and online promotion and marketing

This method is arguably the most effective in making money on the internet and the risk-free because of netter just need a good site for free or a pay-as free 24-hour media to show ads like Google Adsense or make its website as an affiliate for the sales promotion of goods from other sites as an affiliate by Amazon (book sales site) where you can get a commission from every book purchased by another netter who entered through a link from the site.

Pros: risk-free and easy to do
Disadvantages: netter takes time to create a site and need the knowledge for it and have to frequently update the site so frequently visited by other netters
Income: depending on the number of "hits" (Netter visiting the site) per day
Example sites: adsense.com - kliksaya - KumpulBlogger - amazon.com

3. Being internet trader

This method is also quite effective for the diligent and the hobby to learn currency trading (FOREX) because if netter to become an expert in trading, earnings in the can also be very high and can get hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars per week or per month. In addition to this free media, many media that provide free trading for learning as well and can even get free money for trading in Marketiva really like.

Pros: promises huge financial advantage and for beginners do not need initial capital
Disadvantages: takes time to learn and experience to become skilled trades
Income: depending on how diligent you are learning and your cleverness in the air-trading. An expert on the average trading profit could get thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per week
Example sites: marketiva.com

4. Being a domain parking (a parking domains)

If a domain parking, netter should be out of capital to buy the domain (. Com /. Net /. Org), instead of searching for the free domain as it will only waste times. To buy a domain, ones can at CantikSehatShop - Netter enough hosting space with only minimal (1MB up to 10MB). After getting the domain registered, the netter should update its website in advance, fill with interesting content and adjust the topic of the site, to be included in Google & Yahoo search category.

After about 1-2 months or more, the new netters ‘park' the domain on one site like Sedo or NameDrive parking. This site is going to pay us in dollars; because we parked domains will be used by their ad campaign. In addition we can sell our site parking to the bidder (bidders), the largest.

Pros: can make money is a not limited or large quantity
Disadvantages: takes time to promote the site and it took a hefty fee at the beginning

5. To invest online

In this way the risk (could lose) and the initial capital needed to get profit. For online investing itself also takes time to learn, experience, and must follow the provisions of the new investment could enjoy profits in the end. Many overseas netters in the life of this online investment and usually those who have long engaged or experienced in this field.

Pros: easy way to get the advantage of not requiring any skill from any capital
Disadvantages: potential loss (capital loss) if you are not careful in investing as much investment to deceive or fail to pay even goes bankrupt because of mismanagement or mismanagement
Income: varied depending on the value of investment capital and profits promised
Example sites: ketok.com / info - hyipxfile.com

6. Paid to activities on the internet

This method can also be said to be very easy but it can spend very much while the profit earned is usually small and still be paid after reaching a certain amount which can be obtained usually only after many months. This method is usually done by a netter by registering themselves to participate in the program to read e-mail advertising, click ads, surf the Internet, posting news or blogs, using search engines all of which are usually offered free of charge

Pros: including also an easy way to earn money and do not require initial capital in money
Disadvantages: this method requires considerable time and generally wasted enough time, not to mention if there are programs that do not pay
Income: not effective and the amount of money generated is usually very small
Example sites: mylot.com

7. Selling products, goods and services via the Internet (e-commerce)

This method is usually carried out by the netters who have products, goods and services whose value could sell and make money. They usually make a site that can support and provide information about what's going to sell them.

Pros: including effective ways to make money through online sales and promotion of products at once
Disadvantages: need of products, goods and services and capital, knowledge management sites and also security for the site
Income: varied depending on the value of products, goods and services as well as power and the number of buyers from site visitors
Example sites: PasarIT.com - Bhineka.com

If a netter can use 3 of 5 of the above effectively, I'm sure he'll be able to obtain adequate financial amount and the amount will be growing from day to day. There are still several ways you can do one or netter to get the money and the fifth of the above represents only way that is generally performed by a person or netter to earn money on the internet.

Major capital you actually just need a computer that is connected to the internet to make money even though some of the above also require that the initial capital to get started. Connection speeds may also be highly influential in some ways to facilitate your efforts to earn money on the internet.

What is Domain?

Domain is given a unique name to identify the name of the server computer as a web server or email server on the internet. Domain make user can access the server easier than they have to remember the row number or a known IP.

What's the Difference Domains and Hosting

Hosting is space in the server computer that is used as the placement of existing data and files. Domain is the address used for data placement and to place the file.
In a simple analogy:
Domain = your provider card Number (081xxxxxxxx)
Hosting = device your mobile phone (nokia9500, motorola vrazer etc.)

Level Domain
Top Level Domain is a row behind the word domain names like

1. . Com (dotcommercial)
2. . Net (dotnetwork)
3. . Org (dotorganization)
4. . Edu (doteducation)
5. . Gov (dotgoverment)
6. . Miles (dotmilitary)
7. . Info (dotinfo)
8. etc.

There are two types of Top Level Domains, namely the Global Top Level Domain (gTLD) and Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). gTLD is like that on the list above and the ccTLD is designated TLD for each country, like Indonesia with the ID code (co.id, net.id, or.id) or Singapore with code SG (com.sg, net. sg, etc).

Second Level Domain (SLD) is the domain name you register. For example the domain name you register is domainku.com, then the SLD and domainku. dan .com is the TLD.

Third Level Domain is the name after the Second Level Domain. For example the domain name you have is domainku.com, then you can add another name before domainku, namely mail.domainku.com or estrex.domainku.com. Other services that sell third-level domains one of which is eNom to:. us.com,. br.com,. cn.com, etc..

There are manu free domain that can you access like co.cc , .tk etc

Panada Framework

About Panada

Panada is a simple framework for the creation of websites based on PHP 5. Panada developed with the aim to help the website developers to work faster, easier and more natural in the writing of code. The official site and download the file.

Each component is designed to be mutually utilizing the resources from the other components automatically. This allows developers to resources quickly and efficiently.

To get the latest updates, follow twitter Panada i@panadaframework.

* Simple
The main system (core system) Panada only consists of a file, which is located in the directory gear.php Panada. It aims to facilitate users in understanding the workflow Panada.

* Easy
With just a little fill in some parameters in the file apps / config.php Panada can be directly used.

* Single Load
Simply once shooting a component (component load) and the resource can be directly used in all other components. Retrieval can be done on the autoloader, inside the controller, in the model or in the library.

* Natural
In making a good component of the model or library, you just simply make once declaration as generally in declaring a class. For example:

$this->nama_instance = new library_nama();


$this->nama_instance = new model_nama();

Both in the library collection or step model are the same. The difference only lies in the prefix ('library_' or 'model_'), class name that indicates the task and folder location.

* Multisite
Some websites can be created using the same one main system, be it with the main domain of the same or different.

Panada license is to use the BSD-License (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php). With this license means that anyone can freely use this application either for commercial or non-commercial use.
Panada made by Indonesia people namely Iskandar Soesman

Here is the spec computer used to benchmark:

* Operating System: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx
* Web Server: Apache httpd 2.2.14
* PHP: 5.3.2
* CPU: AMD Turion (tm) 64 Mobile Technology MK-38
* Main Memory: 1.2 GB
* Hard Drive: 80 GB SATA

Use of the Controller and Model
Creating a Controller

To create a controller to add a new file in the folder apps / controller / and name in accordance with the desired, for example home.php. Create a new class in this file where the class is a subclass inherits from the Panada class, here is an example:

class Controller_home extends Panada {

public function


public function

'Hello world!';
That must be considered is the prefix name class. Where this prefix indicates the location of the class folder. For the controller, its prefix is "Controller_". The same is true of the class for the library, with the prefix "Library_" and the class for models with the prefix "Model_"

Make a Model

The model is a class whose job directly related to the handling of data, either from the database, or other storage systems.

To create a class model, add a new file and put it in the folder apps / model /, for example users.php.

Create a class users in this file by starting prefix "Model_", for example:

class Model_users {

public function

$this->db = new library_db();

public function

$result = $this->db->results("SELECT * FROM table_name ORDER BY id LIMIT 5");

Yotomo is a location-based service utilizing existing platforms such as Foursquare. We add more value to the check-in activities. As an end user you can get special offers from the nearest merchant check-in locations. We also see ourselves as a local real location-based service. With Yotomo you can get local badges from your country, community badge suggested by you our users, and local brands.

For business owners, Yotomo is a marketing tool to target your potential customers. Using Yotomo You can reach your potential customers.

Why Yotomo

Because we are local. We support local businesses, local communities and local events from the beginning. Our end users also will benefit from the local character, Yotomo.

Yotomo provides a platform and tools for business owners to provide promotions and special offers to potential customers nearby. For end users, Yotomo will provide more benefits from local businesses in the special offers and promotions. We look at our platform as a local platform, where users are located. You will find more interesting local touches like a badge of Yotomo local, local brands and events.

Yotomo established based on the fact that the location-based services must have a strong local gift not only digitaly, but also in the real world. We also believe that the community and local culture should play a major role on the type of platform.
Where are we?

Our headquarter is Yotomo PTE LTD in Singapore, while applications and websites Yotomo baked in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Our office in Jakarta is located in the beautiful area of South Jakarta.

Create Web Applications with Desktop Extjs & PHP quickly

What is Ext-PHP?

Ext-PHP is a framework intended to build a web-desktop application and it is very easy to use library with Extjs as user-interface and PHP as the back-end server programming. Ext-php adapting is the concept of MVC (model view controller) in the core application. So you are expected to understand the concept, but do not worry there will be tutorials for the manufacture of modules at this website

What is Ext-PHP suitable for projects that will I make?

If you want to build a web application that have the appropriate UI and the ability of desktop applications that can interact optimally with the user the answer is yes. Suppose you make the Library Online, Online Academic Systems Ext-PHP is suitable for your project that will create

What are the features already included in the Ext-PHP?
  • Support for multiple databases because it uses a PHP-ADODB
  • Applications are ready-made layout just makes menus and modules you need
  • Multi User Login
  • User Manager to set the Group and Users with different access levels on the menu
  • Menu Manager to set the menu and your modules
  • Modle report as a pdf and Excel which can be set manager menu
  • and much more

What is Ext-PHP for free?

Ext-PHP is one hundred percent free. But you must remember that the Extjs library is a GPLv3 license for open source projects. Please visit the website http://www.sencha.com for further explanations of the licenses.

Login Application

Menu Manager

Home page

Example Grid

Download and Demo please visit here
Thanks in advance. I will continue to update for the manufacture of its modules

How to Secure paypal and Ebay Account from naughty Hackers!

It's important for us PayPal owners or Ebay to provide security for our account PayPal or Ebay. Because, as we all know hackers getting smarter to look for ways to break our PayPal. So many sellers and Account Balance PayPal ILLEGAL Ebay Results Gallery.

Before giving directions that may be less attractive, I want to give my opinion about what is being done by hackers in the break PayPal.

  • When you open an infected attachment in an email from a friend or stranger, Key logger software gets installed on your PC that tries to capture every keystroke of your keyboard, and then sends the data to a remote Internet location, in which hackers can extract your password.
  • If they get your account password PayPal from key logger, then that's their job. However, if they can only get your email password, they can go to the site PayPal, ask for password reset, and then access the e-mail to retrieve your new password to the account PayPal.
  • Another tactic is more common is to send thousands of "phishing" email, disguised to look like an official email PayPal. You click a link to a fake PayPal website; enter your email and password, and the game ended.

Give a Strong Password

First, registered in the past to a free email account and use email to your PayPal profile, but do not use it for other purposes. Most hackers explore possibilities for social networking sites, like eBay, for email addresses that may also be used in PayPal account, and then target them with an email address phishing or virus email campaign. Also, always change the password and password PayPal your email account regularly, create a password that is difficult to guess and a combination of letters or numbers, including upper and lower case letters, numbers, and at least one or two special characters like an exclamation mark or pound sign (#).

Even more powerful for PayPal security, taking into account the security key. Once you are logged into the account PayPal, click "Security Center" at the top, "Security Tools" on the left menu bar, and then "PayPal Security Overview."

When you click "Get Yours Now," you can choose between a hardware button, or the phone keys. The main hardware costs $ 5 for shipping & handling, but digital feature code will be changed every thirty seconds. You cannot log into the account PayPal without it, and it can hardly be in the hack. Mobile lock method available for free. Once you activate your account for it, you can only text PayPal to code it, and a text message back to your key security.

Portable Applications for private data

Another method that can be used to protect your PayPal account to always use a portable thumb drive with a web browser that is directly mounted on the thumb drive. By using this approach, all the log files and history stored in the thumb drive, and not on the PC itself. This not only protects you from a script that searches the typical location of the log PC to the Internet, but also provide the next security of the person using the computer by accident.

Use Anti-Key logger Software for Security

Finally, to protect yourself from keyboard logging software that may have infected your computer without your knowledge, then to play it safe and install applications such as Snoop Free privacy shield, which prevents key logger from accessing the I / O data from your keyboard. Another approach to circumvent the keyboard entirely is to use a portable keyboard on-screen keyboard to log into your account PayPal.


If you believe that your computer is completely clean from any Trojan or key logger, simply avoid phishing paypai using email and password with the security key PayPal will provide more than enough protection to keep your account for safe our PayPal.

However, if you do not know exactly how to clean your computer, or you want public access PayPal from a PC, it is always to play safe you should also use a portable browser, privacy shield, and also on-screen keyboard.

Please try to make PayPal owners who may have or have not hacked by the hackers who are not responsible.

How to Embed Flash Files Into Website

  1. Create an html gather in a line aid notepad curriculum or way with the first name pointer.Html (distinguished with an pointer gather in a line on the website who be inflicted with agan agan, modif tsb pointer gather in a line into a further first name eg. Index1.Html).
  2. Copy the code not more than into a gather in a line pointer agan (edit comeback agan necessary). Replace the line with a sparkle intro_agan agan. Ane accidentally deposit the html link to skip to the index1.Html agan (or up to namax from agan).
  3. Replace the line foto_agan to link a sparkle intro photo agan. (The foremost line is on the leaf body.

6 Kind of SCAM or Internet Fraud

For online businesses are not necessarily familiar with the word scam or fraud via the internet. The basic of this fraud is attacked lone of the psychological feature of man, the "want something" better, cheaper, easier, more intense, and much more so with the intention of the scammers are permanently something to lure more.

There are several kinds of scam on the Internet with the intention of you be inflicted with to gather so with the intention of you will not be a victim. The take aim of the SCAM even this varied, ranging from money matters to the cruelest is the goal of "Slander".

This calculate I will discuss six kinds of scam or fraud is generally often made on the internet, and you could furthermore be inflicted with be converted into or almost be converted into their victims. The victim was not a fool, but habitual public who aspire more.


Phishing is the play a role of stealing the data physically / your biographical data, ranging from satiated first name, appointment of birth, the biological mother's first name, your take up to your ID license digit. The function of phishing is to access your layer accounts, or to convey messages with the intention of are insulting using the victim's identity.

Phishing ordinarily permanently feature by feature with SPAM, the spammer launched an assault on the importance of thousands to millions of the makings victims via e-mail or phone claiming to be employees of insurance, layer officers, and persons who think the victim is entitled to ask for all the data physically.

Some examples of these include Phishing are Phishing up ID, Account paypal, Liberty Reserve, Ebay.

How to dodge so you sort out not be converted into victims of Phishing as follows:

  • Beware of extraordinary emails, as emails are calling you to visit a link with the intention of contains a login form, not thinking, at once close.
  • Do not aid the all-purpose password, in the significance of all your online accounts using a password or a password with the intention of is straightforward to aid terms (your first name, your birth appointment, and your child's name)
  • If you aspire to log into one locate like paypal, Ebay, Facebook, you must at once visit their website by typing the URL take up on a mess browser and not through third parties, such as E-Mail, via chat, and that..

SCAM Ebay is tiresome to advertise goods by prices far not more than promote so with the intention of public are interested to approve of lacking having to think long. Usually the goods sold be inflicted with a fee higher than $ 1000 as box Plasma, LCD, Spare Parts Motors and Mobil and others.

After the victim to sort out the transaction and the payment process has been concluded, ordinarily delivered goods are counterfeit goods or goods damaged or even worse, sort out not hurl whatever thing.

How to dodge EBAY SCAM:

  • Try to compare the fee of goods you aspire to approve of with a variety of dependable sources, if the fee difference is too obvious preside over must be avoided
  • Check the validity of the ID and think it over testimonials
  • Try to permanently call them, if it does not be inflicted with preside over phone friend solely ignore

But remember, here are hardly any things more treacherous, which is a spammer who managed to make an tab with the intention of is trusted EBAY (Powerseller). If you aspire to transact in generous facts must be met at once or energy to his place of affair.

Nigerian Letter

Most of these types of scams originating from Nigeria, so-called Nigerian Letter. You could by no means make an e-mail contains a very surprising call to assist in money laundering, everywhere you will be involved and agreed a commission with a really exceptional regard, or a lawyer who holds the client property be inflicted with killed his family tree so with the intention of his estate be baffled fall into your hands.

The similarity of this type of fraud is your obligation to shell out advance tariff amounting to several percent of the regard you will make, as you shell out taxes, they will disappear with your money.

Some things you must dodge:

  • Where to make E-Mail with the intention of it talked in this area things like the higher than, must at once be deleted lacking one follow-up.
  • here to discover the existence of terms such as Bank of Africa, African Development Bank, or whatever thing correlated to the Bank arising from one people in Africa solely be deleted. Because I'm guaranteed you sort out not be inflicted with one transactions or deals with Africa.
  • If you were told to conveying approximately money pro one wits although it can be proven with picture and complete data, does not be fooled, this is solely a hoax.

Online Lottery

Online Lottery and Nigerian Letter has a akin scheme with the same trick but with a uncommon chase. Online Lottery For you produced tempted not by inheritance, but by winning money from the Lottery with the intention of you by no means stay on by all.

Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi is the first name of the person applying this scheme. This is a fraud scheme structured but will surely make trapped. One of the leading Ponzi perpetrator commence unmasked this century is Bernard Madoff who has managed to hoodwink pro $ 40 billion or 400 trillion rupiah.

From Ponzi scheme is, offer an investment curriculum with appeal / Return on Investment is seductive, and you will make results from the then victim. When you are not a extra limb / extra victims, at that time this type of fraud will be revealed.

To dodge this very trying, since a company has a officially authorized paper was still responsibility this scam.


HYIP or High Yield Investment Program is lone type of curriculum with the intention of uses a Ponzi scheme. 90% of HYIP is a tall tale and 10% were waiting queue pro branded a fraud, why? Bos HYIP typically uses a generous hub to make significant funds as well. They are willing to shell out their members pro several years to enhance the credibility and confidence in prospective investors, so investors are not precise will frankly invest on a generous extent.

Fivefilters Full Text Rss Feed Versi 2.7

This is a liberated software project to help make somewhere your home extract content from labyrinth pages. It can extract content from a standard HTML piece of paper and return a 1-item feed or it can transform an existing feed into a full-text feed. It is being urban as part of the Five Filters project to promote self-sufficient, non-corporate media.

System Requirements

PHP 5.2 or higher than is compulsory. A unfussy shared labyrinth hosting version will operate fine. The code has been tested on Windows and Linux using the Apache labyrinth member of staff serving at table. If you're a Windows user, you can try it on your own machinery using WampServer. It has additionally been reported as working under IIS, but we hold not tested this ourselves.

Change Log :

2.7 (2011-03-21)
  • Site patterns instead of better control above extraction (see site_config/README.Txt)
  • hNews support (improves content extraction instead of sites using hNews microformatting)
  • Cookie Jar right away used to save and sends cookies as following HTTP redirects
  • Better managing of individual hand baggage someplace HTML Tidy fails to clean up by the book
  • Bug deceive: Curl_multi_select() timing unfashionable in individual environments (fixed in HumbleHttpAgent.Php)
  • Bug deceive: Out of order HTTP title parsing in more or less environments (fixed in SimplePie_HumbleHttpAgent.Php)
  • Bug deceive: Unacceptable API URL exposed (fixed in symbol.Php)
  • Plus other minor fixes...

For Download


Knowing About Moneybookers Register and withdraw

What is Moneybookers

Moneybookers or often abbreviated as MB is the same function as paypai, AlertPay, Google leave, E-Bullion and 2checkout. Moneybookers is a payment gateway to facilitate serves to propel and convey money effortlessly, quickly and instantly larger than the Internet to a further MB report anywhere on the globe, rejection longer needs to consume traditional way such as the consume of paper checks.

How to Create an Account MB

  • Simply make for to http://www.Moneybookers.Com
  • I am convinced you will understand how to create a report in MB

To prevent fraud and money laundering, Moneybookers requires users to verify the identity of his services in this regard is in need "only" a compelling interior attend to.

Later, in the same way as registering, MoneyBookers merrymaking will propel a dispatch containing a PIN total must we include in the moneybookers locate. If you've signed up google AdSense - his way (to verifying addresses) 100% truly like to facilitate.

If your MB report is not verified, followed by your MB report cannot be used representing transactions (withdrawal etc), this process is a morsel stage consuming since representing us who are in Indonesia, since every so often at hand are factors as well as location or the injure attend to

But if all the current approximately 3-5 weeks since the PIN is sent by the MB calligraphy departing to your interior in solitary case

Is it safe to Save Money in Moneybookers?

Security of online transactions is a major priorotas. Moneybookers uses layered security to defend in sequence on our transaction. Moneybookers uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) knowledge to help defend user data from inappropriate access, loss of data, as well as the consume of false data.

And we certainly look after not need to consume CC, it is very expedient representing students like me.

How to withdraw

  • Do not put out of your mind to register your native array
  • There you are asked quick code; please enter your native array code
  • If you look after not know around the quick code, can be found now http://duwex.Wordpress.Com/2007/12/19/swift-code-bank-di-indonesia/
  • Next? Follow the steps

Keyword Research

Selection of clever keywords are keywords with the intention of boast penetrating traffic but with the lowest competition.

The a large amount of great magnitude factor in support of us to boast in Keyword Research segment of this is intuition or instinct. Why is it so required? Because we obligation be smart to presume and to acquire the appropriate keywords.

The following steps in keyword selection.
  • Play your instinct and imagine single factor with the intention of you like.It is very required. So with the intention of you are not puzzled whilst on the increase your blog, please itemize your elementary hobby and able to tackle no matter which. Suppose the tackle of sports, strength, and the rest.
  • Submit a the minority sentences (well consist of 2-3 words) with the intention of are germane to the tackle with the intention of you go for earlier.Example: Suppose you chose the tackle of machinery. You register your terms like, contraption in order locate, in order with reference to machinery, and the rest..
  • Once you boast selected shadow of a sentence, see to study using keyword tools like Google Ad Words or samurai promote. Checks ranging from traffic, competitors, the risk of revenue, and your abilities.

For this stage, here are some tools that I recommend to use:
  1. Market samurai (pay)
  2. Google adword keyword (free)
  3. https: / / freekeywords.wordtracker.com /
  4. http://www.semrush.com/
  5. http://www.seomoz.org/keyword-difficulty/
  6. http://www.seochat.com/seo-tools/keyword-difficulty/

My advice to read:

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